June 29, 2015, Fire and Ice

Hi Mom

This week was super fun. We had a lot of meetings and not much happened when you look at the numbers, but it was a fantastic week, full of learning and growth.

Monday, we got a call from the hermanas in our branch (Hermanas Bedell and Salazar) about a less active member in the ward who needed a blessing. We had planned to do some other things, but we figured that we'd best give the blessing. There wasn't a man there, so we called Hermano Lazaro Vargas. He's a recent convert of Elder Tyus that lives in the part of the area that was added on to ours. We were going to run by that night, but instead he came so we could give the blessing to the hermana. It went well and we talked to a few interested people who we never would have found if we didn't have to run to the hermana's house to give a blessing. Proof that the Lord goes before your face and puts people in your path.

Tuesday we did district meeting and a few lessons, nothing devastating or that stands out.

Wednesday we did service at the Gibbons Center for an hour, but then we saw smoke, and a lot of it, so we called off service and went to drop off the other elders at there apartment on the other side of the Santa Clarita Valley. When we got to there apartment, it became really clear that the fire was in New Hall (where the other elders live and where the mission office is). Basically, to escape the fire, we drove towards it. We left and then kind of stayed in the apartment while Elder Tyus tried to make sure that everyone in the district was fine. We then went to work for a little bit and then ran to the church for a couple of meetings with President Hall and President Mendez. The meeting with President Mendez was moved to next week, but the one with President Hall was super cool. We talked about numbers and statistics and I learned a lot from that meeting on just how to handle numbers and reports. It was also President Halls last week in the mission, so it was cool to see him one more time. Fun fact; the fire started right behind the mission home (where President and Sister Hall stayed for there three years of service) and moved to behind the Croket Home (where President and Sister Hall were staying during the renovations of the mission home in preparation for President and Sister Henrie).

Thursday we did Weekly Planning and then Elder Tyus had to run and give a Baptismal Interview. It went well. I'd received the himnos for Sunday during Planning, so I spent the time learning the notes and pattern for them. We then went to the Family History Center to learn how to do it in preparation for a huge activity we want to do as to find more people. Basically we're inviting everyone to come to the Family History Center to learn how to do Family History.

Friday we had exchanges with Elder Elder and Elder Gonzalez. Elder Tyus went into their area with Elder Elder and Elder Deyholos and I stayed here with  Elder Gonzalez. It was a super sweet exchange. We had a hand off lesson with the YSA Sisters for O* and J* and is went pretty well. We also invited Hermano L* V* and his wife to the Family History activity.

On Saturday we received a bomb in the mail. Not really. We were doing companionship studies (Watching some District videos and we hear a loud thunk, followed by our doorbell. I open the door and a package is on our front step. It was my Birthday Package. I have absolutely no will power, because I opened it right then... Ok, I opened it because it had medicine I needed (thanks mom). We then ended the exchange and Elder Tyus was super excited to have Twinkies (He says "Thanks mom" too) I really like the watch. We also had a lesson with Hermana B* and it went really well. She said she was going to come to church and we invited them the the Family History Activity as well. She said she'd try.

Sunday was really fun. We had a lot of meetings before church, so we didn't find anytime to do studies. The meetings were good and it was nice to learn how we can work closer with the branch. I also hadn't had the opportunity to practice the hymns for sacrament, so I was kind of freaking out. I knew what they should sound like and the pattern and sequence of the notes, but I'd never played one of them, so I didn't know if I could do it. I wanted to find time during church and a free room to practice, but we couldn't do it during Gospel Principals and Elder Tyus was asked (last minute) to teach Priesthood, so I sat in the back of the class, really focusing on memorizing the hymns for sacrament. I had a few minutes between Sacrament and priesthood to practice, but we walked around a greeted people, so I only got to  play through two hymns and then we had to start church. With the amount of practice I had, I did pretty good. Less mistakes then last time and I was able to hide and recover quicker. Proof that God really can build and use people beyond their own ability. Hermana B* also came to church, just in time to partake of the Sacrament. After church, we went out with the priesthood brethren on Home Teaching Visits. It was cool, but it also took up the rest of the day, until we had to leave for the Baptism. The Baptism was soooo sweet. It was two kids and they have the most presiosos testimonies. We then went to President Rodrigezes house (he's the Elder's quorum president) to pick up dinner and then we ran to the apartment so Elder Tyus could do his duties as District Leader.

Return and Report

weight loss 185 lbs

days of Spanish 4/7

Birthday wish that can be sent via E-mail.

I want a letter full of advice or words of comfort from all of you. Anyone is allowed to contribute. A name with the advice would be nice, but I just want something with personal advice from all my friends and family.


Elder Michael Blanding

Called to Serve My King