August 10, 2015, Long week, Lots of work, no news

Hi mom,

The title really does sum it all up.

We spent all week walking around our area talking with everyone who would stop and offering cards to those who wouldn't. I'm still trying to get a hang of the Spanish language and I think that I've officially entered the danger phase of language learning of understandable and comfortable in my abilities but not quite mastered it. It scares me because Jason's probably got it mastered and knows it inside and out and I don't but really really want to be that good. I understand people pretty good and I can make myself understood, but I still have blanks in my abilities and moments of complete stupidity. (Jason, if you have any secrets or ideas or suggestions on language study, SEND THEM TO ME!!!!!)

We honestly didn't do much, we found a Less-Active member who lives in our area. She's from El Salvador, which means that she knows how to make Papusas, the best food on the planet. We've planned a dinner with her on Saturday and she's going to teach us how to make them. I'll have to take notes and practice so I can make you some when I get home (remind me if I forget). The Hermanas also had a baptism on Sunday and one of the families we're teaching (the one who didn't want to open the door at first) went. We were on exchanges and I forgot our phone in my suit jacket, which I left in the other elders' car, so we didn't go. I don't really want to talk about it, so don't ask me.

I also learned a cool way to teach your kids Spanish from the get go. I just need to marry a Hispanic woman and then I'll have bilingual kids. Here's hoping it works (not going to judge or choice my eternal mate based off of this).

That's it for the week, all that's left is


weight loss: 180 libs, that's 5 lbs and my record that I can keep steadily! no where to go now but down

Spanish Days; 2/4. Recommitted to this and I will be speaking like a native when I get home. I need more native companions.

Os amo muchisimo

Elder Michael Blanding

Llamado a servir mi rey