October 26, 2015, Talking with Everyone!!! Zone Conference You don't know what faith is

Hi mom,


This week we had Zone Conference, and not much else happened.

Monday, we had a really fun activity as a Zone. We played a game called Dragon Breath 3000. It's a mix of LARF, Dodge ball, Capture the Flag and Fencing. It's kind of complicated and I don't think I could explain it very well over e-mail, but it's a game that I think has the name "Ostler" written all over it. I see your brothers loving it and all of us having a good time playing it. Even the little kids can play (there's no limit to the number of participants) and enough stuff is going on that your teams make up doesn't matter so much as the strategy you use. We might want to change the rules a little, make a few more to keep it safe. I kind of got my finger gouged open playing it, but nothing to serious, I had the nurses look at it and they said it's fine.

Tuesday, was boring. We also got dodged by the familia T*:(

Wednesday, we had zone conference. We talked all about faith and what it is and believe me, you don't know faith. I suggest taking this next month or so and just studying it out, you probably still won't know what it is (I don't even fully understand it) but you'll start to scratch the surface a little. We also went over some basics of missionary work and talked about how we do the work and why we're here. That was about it for the day... seriously nothing else happened.

Thursday, we talked to people.

Friday, we talked to more people.

Saturday, we talked to even more people.

Sunday, we did church, had a two hour lesson with an investigator family about the Book of Mormon and at the end they committed themselves to coming to church next Sunday... and we didn't even ask them to come! :D We were going to, but didn't need to. To end the day we taught A*again and she's been reading in the pamphlet! Possibly also the Book of Mormon, but we don't know for sure yet

We also started giving service at this place called Best Friends on Thursday. That's it for the week. Really boring.


Elder Michael Blanding
Called to Serve my King

Elder Michael Blanding's finger. OUCH!

Elder Michael Blanding's finger. OUCH!