December 7, 2015, Moved in with the cucarachas

Hi mom,

This week was fun and long.

Monday was normal. nothing to report. Tuesday it got fun.

So we used to live (yes used to) outside of our area by like 15 minutes, biking hard. So we're doing studies on Tuesday and we get a call from one of our investigators, who asks us to come over right then. This investigator is very exact, so when he says now he means now, not five minutes from now. We told him we'd be there in 15 to 20 minutes, and then quickly finished getting ready and said a quick prayer for all greens. We miraculously got all greens, except one that allowed us to answer a call from our district leader. Because of this we got to the lesson on time and it was very spiritual and we taught what he needed even tough we'd planned something else and after set up a return cita. We then when home to weekly plan.

Before we could begin planning, we had lunch and then laid down for a quick 20 minute nap that quickly turned into a 2 hour nap, which was a blessing. Because we then got a call from the Zone Leaders saying, "Elders, your moving in 2 hours to a different apartment. Be ready." So we packed and moved in the next 2 hours. When we got into the apartment we were met with the sight of dead cucarachas and the elders who'd been there before left us dinner in the fridge. It was a nice thought, but they left in July and the fridge wasn't plugged in, so when we opened the fridge, we got punched in the face by a horrible smell. luckily we had a lesson in a few minutes with a member present, so we opened all the windows (smelly apartment was NOT what we wanted to come back to) and left. The lesson went perfect and after we stayed up until 1 in the morning just cleaning the bedroom so we could sleep in peace.

We spent all of Wednesday cleaning and doing service in the community and to members/investigators.

We spent Thursday planning and then had a few lessons.

Friday was normal, but we still managed to find miracles.

Saturday we had a few lessons and then a blitz/caroling. We then went to one of our most promising investigators and watched the movie "Joseph Smith; Prophet of the Restoration" in Spanish and I understood all of it! I want to use it as a study of Spanish, there is some really good everyday language there.

Sunday, we had Church and then we went to the devotional. We also found a super sick potential (N*?). we couldn't teach on the spot because we had to go and catch our ride to the devotional, so we set it up a return appointment for Tuesday (or Wednesday, I can't remember, but it's in my planner, which is in the apartment... ops). We also found out that we have about 9 set dinners this week, and possibly have 4 more, so next weeks e-mail might (meaning probably will) be titled "FAT, FAT, FAT, FAT."


Elder Michael Blanding