December 21, 2015, FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!! MILAGROS!!!!!

This week was soooooo GOOOOOOOOOD!

Hi mom,

First off... FELIZ NAVIDAD! (MERRY CHRISTMAS for those of you who don't know Swahili.)

Ok, this week was really fun. Elder Jager had his birthday on Thursday and so we had a lot of cake Wednesday and Thursday. We also taught a lot with members and our fechas. That was really cool, I love teaching.

On Friday, we had exchanges with Elder Page and Elder Flores. It was really cool and I learned a very important life lesson. If you want to see miracles, Pray for them. I wan't to save some of the 'Why" for Christmas, but for those of you who won't be there for the skype call, here's a taste. I said the prayer to start the exchange, and every prayer I said on that exchange I asked for us to have/see miracles in our area and in the area of the other elders (oh, I went there with Elder Page, back in Van Nuys for the day!:D) anyway, we went and did our two hours of knockout at the place where they had planned to knock, and we found someone who was interested every three doors that opened (maybe every other door) two of them spoke Tagolo (or are Filipino) so I said "hi" to them in Tagalo. That's just the start, I will share more on Christmas with all who are there, ask about it. We then went to a baptismal interview and I got turned into a frog, cat, puppy, and hair. Then we had dinner and planned for Saturday.

On Saturday, we talked with a man caring syrup down the road on our way to an appointment that fell through, but we ran by an investigator who was there and set up a cita for Monday (today) at 6:30 with a member. We then exchanged back and did a caroling blitz in the area of Elder Page and Elder Flores. It was super cool, and we found some more interested people. For the last hour, we went caroling. We didn't have much success, until we knocked on a door and sang a carol to the family. They let us in to they're drive way (we were singing into a intercom system) and she told us that we made her day. She asked us to say a prayer with her after sharing that her daughter died three months ago. We said a prayer, gave her a gift we'd gotten the door before, sang one more song and then left with a return appointment for elder Page and Flores.

Sunday, we went to Church 3 times to make sure that all our investigators and menos activos showed up. It worked, we had an investigator and two of our menos activos come to church! We then stayed at church for a baptism we (the missionaries) were asked to sing at and Elder Jager and I sang a duet on the first verse of "How Great Thou Art" in Spanish (Entonces "Grand eres Tu") and then we went to a dinner at a members house we'd gotten at the end of church that day.

That's it for the week, wow this went fast. See you all (Family) on Friday.


Elder Mike Blanding

Called to Serve my King.