June 1, 2015, Week in 30 minutes or less....I hope

Hi mom,

I don't have much time right now, Elder Villanueva has to pack today so he can go home, so I'll just hit the highlights in any order that works.

1. We found 4 new friends this week (I've started calling investigators Amigos)
2. they were all miracles, 2 we knocked into, one we found on exchanges (I wasn't here) and the other I can't remember how we found him. (share more latter).
3. we got transfer calls, Elder Villanueva is leaving and I'm going to be in a trio! (Spanish can be so much better then English some times). I'm pretty sure (99.99%) that Elder Tyus (who got called as district leader!) will be one of my companions (it's ether that or he's companioned with Hermana Badell) and the other is going to be a brand new missionary. Yep, I'm training. Just a little service here.
4. lots of exchanges.
5. Piano playing

That's all. We went on exchanges over the weekend because Elder Range and Elder Villanueva had the departing temple trip and so I went with Elder Tyus in there area for the day and after that we had the last exchange with Elder Gonzalez and Elder Elder, so I went there with Elder Gonzalez. (the last one is the one where we found the other amigo.)

Miracle. You know all those stories of "just one more door and then we'll be done."? well we had one of those. Elder Villanueva and I were tracting on Saturday before our dinner and we had just one more line of apartments left, but only 30 minutes to dinner, which meant only 15 minutes of finding time and 15 minutes of travel time. we decided that we were going to finish the line, like five trailers, and then head to dinner, so we did. on the second to last door it opened and M* came out. She's an older woman and needed to hear a message about the love of God. She's going through some personal trials, so Elder Villanueva shared a really good scripture with her, I wish I could remember what one, and then bared really strong testimony. We'd given her a Restoration Pamphlet, but she needed Gospel of Jesus Christ, so we taught her that instead and then ran to dinner.

On Sunday, Elder Villanueva wanted to share his testimony with the rama, and he really wanted to leave them with a song from his heart, so he roped me into playing the piano for him. Ok I volunteered, sort of, and so I played a little in sacrament meeting and I might just do it some more, because the Presidents counselor said he didn't know I could play, I told him I can't, but I don't think he believed me. I really only know the one song I played "I Stand All Amazed".

That's really about it for the highlights. did I miss anything? I think just


weight, back at 180:( I blame Elder Tyus for buying us a pizza on Wednesday, and I also got lax in my watching of what I eat

Spanish 2/7 Same problem, after eating pizza all I wanted to do was speak Italian, and I didn't watch it to good

Also. I had a weird thought about what I'm going to study in college on Sunday. I know I'm a missionary and I should be focused, but I didn't ask for this it just came, I think the spirit spoke to me as I listed to Elder Villanueva practice. The thought was to Major in Communications, minor in Foreign Languages and (if what Elder Villanueva told me is true and this exists at BYU-Idaho) I'm going to cluster in preforming arts, focusing on the musical side, Piano, Singing, Dancing, ext. maybe pick up another instrument. The order that I study them (like major, minor, cluster) might change, but I like the topics that I've chosen and they open me up to better options in future careers.

I think that's all for this week


Elder Michael Blanding

Called to Serve My King.