May 11, 2015, This Week was Long, but rewarding

Hi mom,

This was such a long week, but it just flew right by.

It's funny, but I actually said in my first few transfers in Van Nuys I'd come to Santa Clarita next and be fed everyday while in car... Prophesy? probably not, just weird coincidence.

Anyway, back to the week. We didn't really have much happen, just a lot of talking. Tuesday we had an exchange with Elder Elder and Elder Gonzalez. I was in their area with Elder Elder and Elder Gonzalez came here with Elder Villanueva. It was super cool. Elder Elder is a recent convert to the church and shared with me his conversion story, which I won't share here but it is really powerful and really strengthened my testimony of God and the Plan of Redemption. We had a few lessons and a cena set up (only the cena actually happened) and we also taught an English class, but we forgot the lesson plan, so we read from the Book of Mormon, it was weird to do that in English. Elder Elder taught me how to find Mint, but I'm either really bad at it or we don't have any in our area:( to bad, it's really good when you add it to a protein shake :D

After that we really just ran around and talked with everyone about the restored Gospel and the Book of Mormon. We only taught 2 lessons and they were to the same familia, so we taught the Restoration to them a little, trying to help the husband understand, and invited them to be baptized when they know it's true. Hermana Ortega (the wife) was all for it, but Hermano Ortega is a Little hesitant.


Last night we ran by a menos activo familia to give the mom a Mother's Day flower from the ward and then just went touching the doors down the street. The last door we knocked didn't open, so we just started to walk a way. We'd barely made it to the street when we heard "Who is it?" I called back, "The Missionaries" which was received by, "OH, Goody" or something like that. We still had close 30 minutos before we had to leave and go home, but she started talking to us and it turns out she's a member. We talked for the whole time and she shared with us her conversion story and how all she wants to do is learn of Jesus Christ. She's an English member, but she knows and teaches (she's a little kid school teacher) in Spanish. I asked if she could help me learn the language. She did and I was actually surprised by how much what she said helped. That's the Miracle of the week, and she totally understands the Sabbath and what it's for.


Weight Loose: 179 lbs

Dias de espanol; 7/7

Love for the work; CAN'T BE MEASURED

Elder Michael Blanding