February 2, 2015, WOW, lots to do, no time to do it

Hi mom,

 Weirdly, I don't know what to write. Not much happened this week. No, nothing's wrong, I will just need a nurse if something is wrong and she could be at a lot of meetings as a mission nurse, I randomly met her at Zone conference, that's all.

This week was pretty slow compared to last week. We only taught a total of ten lessons, but we had our area extended, so we tried to spend some time in the new part of the area. We only really know one corner right now. We received four referrals this week, and two of them live in the new area, in the exact same apartment. We've been trying to get in touch with them, but one didn't have an apartment number (seriously, who doesn't send an apartment number when sending an address;)) so it's hard to get in touch, and the other we need to run by in the morning when we usually have studies. We did pick up another futuro (potential) in the same apartment, but we haven't been able to teach him yet.

The Super Bowl was a bit of a let down. I kind of smack talked with A* about it, and I'd asked him and S* not to let me know who won, I wanted you to tell me. A* didn't watch it and S* saw the last ten minutes. S* couldn't help but spoil it. She opened the door and the first thing she said, in her broken English, was "sorry, Wilson made a mistake" I was hoping she was joking, but we were having the lesson in R*'s house and the T.V. was still on. I heard the end score via the T.V. (the game had just ended when we got there) and was totally upset. R* is her next door neighbor, and probably her best friend. He's white and from (get this) Seattle area. In all honesty, he reminds me a little of dad. He was up in arms about the game. He explained what had happened through out the game, a lot of tripping of our receivers and the fact that we were up by 10 at the end of the third (How did we lose that lead in 15 minutes?) He is completely convinced the game was rigged, but he also has some interesting ideas about things, not far off usually, but still interesting. Do you think we should have run the ball in to the end zone? 

As for the work outs; I could start lifting, and I might just do that soon. I'm down to 174 lbs., which was the goal this week!!!!! The P360X is a joke. I did math, yes I do that now, and found out that if I did P90X in 30min intervals, it'd take me about 360 days to finish, P360X. I don't care if you send me P90X work outs or work out's of your own design (in all honesty, it probably be best if you made them because then they'd be tailored to 30min rather then fit) I'm just keeping the phrase/name of P360X because it's funny. And, yes, please send me a back band work out thing (what ever that's called) in the next package you send (don't just send a package to get me a work out device).

Update on work. S* doesn't have a date. She never did. She wants to be baptized for the wrong reasons, so we didn't accept that she accepted, I wonder if she knows that. I just realized I started by telling you how work went... oops.

Ayunos (Fasts) update.

Sweet fast, completed to the full. I didn't eat a sweet until last night and I feel so good that I did it. The day I started the fast, Elder Gonzalez received a package in the mail with candy, and he gave me four candy bars (a Babe Ruth, a Twix, a Peppermint Patty, and (hardest of all) a Milky Way). I put them away, out of sight out of mind, most of the time, and even gave back the Babe Ruth and the Twix. Sunday night I had the peppermint Patty and I ate the Milky Way today.

Bread, still going strong. It's really hard to not eat it when Elder Gonzalez buy's a loaf and our rewards for completing companionship goals (this week was asking for referrals) is going to Sub Way, because they have really good deals, but I'm staying strong and giving my self a burger as a reward. It's also hard when all we have to eat is pasta and a little chicken (NO WE AREN"T STARVING).

Cake, Not a Problem.

Days in Spanish; improved 5/7.


Elder Michael Blanding.

you have about 50 min to respond and I'll still be on.