September 20, 2014 We Listened to an Apostle!!!!!!

Hi Mom

Tuesdays Devotional was fantastic. As you probably guessed from the title of today's e-Mail, we had an apostle talk. We listened to (Drum roll please) Elder Richard G. Scott! He talked a lot about prayer and how God can help us in our work if we humble ourselves and ask for help.

This weeks been the longest one yet, and nothing happened. I tried out again for a singing part, my accompanists name was Elder Lowry, and I got a singing part. I'm singing this Sunday for the departing devotional on west campus. Random fact, They're shutting down west campus in October.

Friday was a nice change. We had In Field Training. It was basically an all day seminar on what we are going to be doing when we get in the field. It was fun. They had a play at the end and I was able to have a little part in it. We also got to learn some of the classes from Elder Christian, one of the Elders on "The District." He's pretty cool and it was fun to listen to and one of our favorite videos is of him and his companion failing at teaching the law or Chastity and he was very straight up with it and even made a joke about it. The story of how they found the investigator in that video is pretty cool too.

That brings us to today. Didn't do much either. Went to the temple to do sealings, that was fun. Unfortunately it meant that I was out hours before I normally get out and therefore missed Saydi and Ben The busses stop at 11:30 so we waited at the bus stop for a good two hours before a uta bus cam along and gave us a ride to MTC west. After that I came here and e-mailed home. Hopefully next weeks will be longer about me.

Another cool thing. I HAVE HERMANAS IN MY TRAVEL GROUP. This is nice because it means I don't have to worry about putting an hermana with two elders. Can't wait for Monday.

It's supper cool Matt got a job. And it's even cooler that he's doing something he loves. I had such a big flash back when you told me that you had soccer start at 8:15. I was in the old house and Kray, Jason and I were putting on our soccer gear in the old dining room early Saturday. I miss those days.

Well done Jessie on winning by such big numbers. It's cool to hear, or in this case read. Is she reffing now?

Thing I forgot. I'd like to have a copy of my patriarchal blessing. I left mine on the school white board and intended to copy it but forgot in the rush Monday six weeks ago. If you could scan and email it to me that would be great.

I leave this Monday. 11:30 was a typo so we report to the travel office at 4:30. I'll try and call at 6:30 Utah time, but we might be in the car going to the airport. Also, if I could get a list of the SMs so I can memorize them in Spanish (Something they asked us to do) that would be fantastic.

I really can't think of anything else to say right now so I'll just sign off and reply to Matthew Peart.


Elder Michael Blanding.

[Mom note: He sent a bunch of photos home a couple weeks ago, but instead of putting them all up, I am spreading them out.]

Elder Mike and his companion

Elder Mike and his companion

Where are you going Elder Michael Blanding?

Where are you going Elder Michael Blanding?

Elder Michael Blanding after a game of basketball. Not much has changed. 

Elder Michael Blanding after a game of basketball. Not much has changed.