August 23, 2014 Week 1 and 1/2, Music, Teaching and Christ

Hi Mom and anyone else who reads this.

Please do send me emails on Friday night, we print out our e-mails at main so we don't spend our hour reading them.

Last week I told you about my teaching experience with Elder Pudil (He's from Arizona, Utah, and Washington the state, east side. He likes to run and is exactly like me) and it sucked that I couldn't email again that night, because we seriously taught a lesson again, and within twenty four hours I was talking, teaching, testifying, and understanding. After that lesson the whole district unanimously voted us to always go last because it lasted forty minutes and was the most spiritual lesson I've had the privilege to be a part of.

Correcting spelling errors in my last email (OK only one) Elder Reise's name is spelled Reese, like the candy bar.

Sunday was so cool. Elder Oaks's daughter, Jenny Oaks Banks, talked to us. She is one of the best classical violinists in the USA and she played for us with her family and a friend who's preparing for her mission. The oldest of her kids is 12 and plays the violin almost as good as her mother. The next oldest was 10 and played the piano like a star. Then her  nine year old was a cellist with a world class ability, and her seven year old son was phenomenal on the guitar.

After Sister Bank's talk/performance, Me and Elder Pudil watched a talk/devotional given by Elder Ballard in the MTC on Christmas Sunday called "Character of Christ." You need to find and watch/read it, one of the best talks I've ever seen/heard. Ballard is seriously my favorite apostle now.

The Gift of Tongues is real. I'm learning so much Spanish, and the spelling of words actually makes since unlike English.

My audition didn't happen this week, and it's no longer a solo Hermana Kiel had this great idea for me and Hermana Tew to sing together, and it's beautiful, but we weren't ready last Friday so we're going to try this week, if we can find time to practice between study, class, meetings and meals.

Cool news. We had people from the United States Air-force come and observe our new program. Not so cool news. Elder Pudil was sick that day, so we had to stay in the apartment.

I have such a strong testimony in the power of the spirit to teach things. Elder Ballard mentioned this in his talk, but during our first lesson, the one where I understood nothing, I felt the Spirit testify to me that what was being said was true, and the only thing that kept me form pointing it out was that I didn't know what was being taught. And when you have two Elders working together and understanding and communicating, the spirit more then doubles, it nearly quadruples.

i also know that planing helps. We had a couple lessons, like the forty minute one, where we planed for an hour before we gave the lesson, and even though we didn't use any of the plan, we we're way more coherent as a group and we taught so much better.

Tuesday was devotional night for all of the MTC, and we had the General Young Woman's president give a talk about how even the smallest change in attitude and effort makes all the difference in the mission field.

We had a nice meeting as a district where we all shared spiritual thoughts together and after Elder Gamble-Thompson shared his life story. He's had it rough. His parents aren't members, but his grandma is, he's moved a lot and been homeless. He's been robbed and much more. Think about "The Blind Side" minus the white mom saving the day and football.

I definitely feel like I was saved to be a part of this District, specifically. It's been only a week and a half and I feel like I've known them all my life. We know so much about each other and we just seem to click.

As for the care package Mom. I'd like you to send me a stack of memory cards for my camera, so instead of sending pictures back via Email I can just send a letter every now and then and putt the memory card inside. That way you get to see all the pictures at once. Oh and I got the Package. Thanks. Other things, White socks for Gym. A little name tag that says Elder Bernard for Bernard. Instructions on how to use my luggage tags, food, water, one of the Dogs. I can't think of anything else but if I do I'll write.

I saw Julia again today and during choir Tuesday (They sing at Devotionals.) I have a picture and Julia is going to send you the one from last week. She leaves Wednesday.


Things that are different.

1. The water is awful.

2. I'm actually studying

3. I'm enjoying the work

*4. The food leaves something to be desired

*5. It's hard to eat a lot due to time and taste.

*6. I can't hug any girl.