October 27, 2014 A day in Spanish

Hi Mom.

This week was really busy. We went to the mall Monday. It was super cool. We bought some new clothes and found some nice places for shopping if we have a problem.

Tuesday was upsetting, we had a couple Member Presents set up, but the lessons fell through. We spent a good bit of time finding because of this. We also got a costumes on Tuesday and mom... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! They are sooooo cool. We didn't expect this. We are going to send you a picture when we get a good one.

Wednesday I got a car. We went on exchanges with Elders Baker and Blakely, the zone leaders. I went with Elder Baker to their area. We first went to the Hermanas (sisters) area to give a blessing and then we had a fantastic cena (meal/dinner) with a Less-active-Member. Chicken, marinara sauce and rice. Super good. At the end of the Exchange, Elder Baker told me that I had really good Spanish, listened for understanding, Have a desire to talk to everyone, and give really good prayers. I don't know to much about him. His brother served his mission abroad and spoke a different language (I can't remember what) and I think he's from Utah. I also think he is the youngest.

Thursday was slow again. We taught R*. She still waiting for her mom to give her the go-ahead to get baptized. Please remember this in your fast. we didn't really do much else beacause we do weekly planning on Thursdays. We tried to do it in super suits, but couldn't focus so we lost the super suits.

Friday was a day of miracles. We had a member present that was our of this world good. His name is Hemano M*. He got Familia C* pumped and to accept a date for baptism. That made 5. we then took him to S*, our first date, and controlled her, which is impossible. We didn't get out of that lesson until 10:00 p.m. so we went straight to bed. We also taught Al* M* (Not related). He's the man from Peru who was only in the country for 2 hours before we contacted him. He went back on Sunday, but we sent his referral and I know he will be baptized.

Saturday we spent all day in service. It was sooo nice. Elder Garcia and I helped with the registration for the free flue shot. We also got close to four boritos for free there. This Sunday was our fast Sunday, so that's how we started our fast. We then went contacting and found a girl named F*. She's kind of shy, but I hope and pray that she is ready. Before we found F*, the YSA Hermanas texted us to see if we could give a blessing at the church. We said we could and biked like mad to get there. We gave the blessing, saw a referral we sent to them who was attending church begin his fast with the YSA and resisted the temptation to eat with them.

Sunday I talked all day in Spanish. It was so nice. It was a little difficult, but I managed to increase my faith that I can do it and will try and speak to Elder Garcia only in Spanish for this week. Let you know how that goes. We had a miracle last night when we tried to find a potential and instead found a family that was ready to listen. We tried to get in touch with N*, our second date, all week, but couldn't do it. We dropped his date and might drop him if we can't make a lesson with him this week :( We now only have 4 dates.

How’s the companionship coming along? Fantastic.

Are you being a good companion? "Yes" Elder Garcia

Are you working hard? Trying to with all my heart

 How’s your health? Good

Do you have a release date? Yes, but I have the option to extend another six weeks. What do you think I should do? please pray for this answer.

Have you gotten the two boxes I’ve sent? Yes I did. Thank you so much. It is much easier for us if you send it to the mission home, the other way we have to spend time in our apartment waiting for them

Did that gal you taught every week commit to a baptism date? She was every day and we cut that down to get her reading. She also already had a date, Her name is S*. Please keep her, Fam. C*, and R* in your prayers

Losing weight? Good! keep it up! I lost another four pounds.

Elder Garcia is ready to go and rushing me out the door. We still have one more thing to buy to complete the Thor costume, but it is still the best.


Elder Michael Blanding