November 10, 2014, Finding if Fun

Hey all!! 

It is always fun to find people. This week we found a lot of new people.

I'll share one of the really cool stories of the week. About two weeks ago we were walking down the street and we saw a young woman walking towards us. She looked like the type of person who would reject us without a second thought (actually my companion said "watch how she rejects us" right before we got to her) we contacted her and to our surprise she accepted without a second thought. We weren't able to go by until this week but when we went by she seems like GOLD. We knocked on the door and she invited us in and when we told her we couldn't go in because there was no man in the house she just quickly went into the other room and brought her boyfriend in to listen as well. During the lesson she and her boyfriend asked a fair amount of questions (all really good ones). They even INVITED us to share our testimonies (how we decided the church was true and also to serve a mission). It was one of the coolest lessons I have had in a while. 

We have also had a lot of success with referrals this week. I have found that it is 100% more effective when we work by referrals than it is to work alone. Even if the person rejected us we can typically find someone nearby who accepts. I encorage you to help the missionaries. It is always easier with help.

Elder Jason Blanding.

Presidente Christensen;

This week we had a lot of success with referrals. We have really been focusing on working more efficiently and not killing ourselves in ways that aren't as effective. We have seen more success this way than we have just trying to work by ourselves and hope that it works out. I do how ever have one question. In the "Regla Johnson" we have been told to not leave a house without a new person to teach. I find that it is easy to ASK for one in every house but my question is how can we leave WITH a new person to teach (with a referral). We have found a few people that no matter what we try they just don't want to help us. They tell us of someone that might be possible but they won't tell us where they live because they "don't want them to offend us". What can we do in these situations in order to obtain a new person to teach?

The district is having a little difficulty with its level of animo (I can't remember the English word). They aren't really seeing a lot of success and so they are getting disanimado (again I canā€™t remember the English word). What can I do to help them? They need to find new people to teach but they as much as they try and try they can't seem to make any progress. I don't know what else I can do to help them with this. 

Elder Blanding.