December 8, 2014, Happy Birthday to Me!!

Well I'm now 21 years old and can legally drink alcohol... but even though I can I never will.

This week was interesting. We had stake conference and one of the counsels of the area presidency came because there reorganized the stake presidency. The funny thing was that I have been in the wards of ever member of the new stake presidency.... It is a weird feeling for a missionary to know the members of other wards. The reorganization also means that the ward I'm in needs a new bishop because the old one is now the 1st counselor in the stake presidency.

Well Christmas is fast approaching. We still haven't worked out details for the call. We are trying to find a member who has a computer with a web cam and a fast Internet but we still don't know very many members here. We are going to ask around on Sunday to see what we can find. Just tell me when you want me to call for the overlap with Mike.

Elder Jason Blanding.

Presidente Christensen;

Elder Perez is learning fast. He asks a lot of questions and that is good because it shows that he wants to do things right. I am really trying to focus more on him than me. We are starting to make progress in getting to know the area and having a little bit of success. We still only have a few investigators but we have plans to find more of the old ones and also find as many new investigators as we can. I like the challenge of opening an area. It gives a good opportunity to set a new standard in a ward or area and especially as a missionary. The advantage is that no one knows what you did before getting there. It really is a great way to get to an area.

I am really looking forward to the Christmas conference this week. If it is anything like last year it will be a blast. 

We also need to schedule my interviews for my Temple Recommend and also for my BYU application. I need to have the Temple Recommend interview before the end of December or I will find myself in a time without a current recommend.

Elder Blanding