January 19, 2015, YOU ARE ALL SO DIFFERENT!

I just got the family Christmas card and looking at the photos you are all so different. I think that the only ones I will recognize are Mom, Dad and Matt. Chris looks like a tree now and Jessie isn't all that far behind him. I showed the card to one of the families in the ward and asked them how old Jessie looked... they all said "about 17"!!!! I can't believe that you all have grown so much.

I now know my flight schedule. You should have it in your E-mail as well but just in case it didn't get there I will get home February 18 at 6:39pm (that is when it is scheduled to land). I would like that the whole family is there (including Alysia). I want a mini family reunion in the airport.

This week we worked hard. We shook of the lazyness and really pounded the pavement. We stil have a ways to go but we are going to take it one step at a time. We can still have 2 baptisms this change and I would love for both of them to take place.

Elder Jason Blanding.

Here is the photo of the family before I left and the family in the Christmas card. There is a HUGE difference.

President Christensen;

It was nice to see you and Sister Christensen on Sunday. Things are going great here. We are starting to work harder and also getting more success. I'm trying to make this last month of my mission the hardest worked of all. I really can't believe that I have less than a month left. It is very weird. I just got my family's Christmas card and everyone looks so different. I can't believe the change.

Our investigators are starting to progress more. We have two people who could get baptized this change. One already has a date for the 31st of January and the other still doesn't have a date. We are going to work really hard with them to see what we can do to make sure that they keep progressing.

Elder Perez is doing fine. He keeps learning. He still has a lot to learn but he knows that and is eager to learn. I feel that when someone thinks they already know it all that is when they stop learning. He still doesn't even feel close to knowing it all. I really hope to put a good example for him this next month.

Elder Blanding.