August 4, 2014 17 again

17 months!! wow I have almost served the mission of a sister missionary. I feel like I still have so much to do and I only have another 6.5 months to do it in. everyone here says that the mission is 1 year and 5 minutes... I am almost halfway through the 5 minutes.

J* came to Church on Sunday!!! He really loves the Gospel, it has changed his life for the better. He is so far on track for his baptism on the 16th but we think he might still have a drinking problem so we are going to see what we can do with that this week. We are going to work hard with him.

not much more to say about this week. it has been busy but not busy enough. A district leader is always busy, never any time to rest. always on the phone at night (worse on Sunday) and never able to do anything that he wants to do.

President Christensen;

we are seeing progress in the area. It has been hard to get going because we still haven't been able to find the majority of the investigators that the other elders left for us. but we keep on working. we have already found someone that other elders had taught about 2 months ago and was about to get baptized but didn't pass his interview and therefor didn't get baptized. He is almost ready for baptism. we are going to do everything possible to help him overcome his problems (he had problems with the  law of chastity and drinking) for good and be ready to make the baptismal covenant. 

The district is doing good. everyone has investigators getting ready for baptism. we also all had at least one investigator in sacrament meeting this Sunday. I feel that this is one of those moments where we need to be happy with what we have accomplished but not satisfied. I am going to focus on helping the district work more with the members this week (not just more often but also more effectively). As a district the lessons with members present went up a lot this week and the references went up a little as well but I feel like there is still a lot that can be done to make it even more effective. 

Elder Blanding.

packing tips: Don't take to much!!! you really only need to give him 2 decent sized suit cases. It can be a pain taking 3 around, I actually have gotten rid of enough stuff I didn't need that I can put my little suit case inside my big one now (I still need a duffle bag to fit everything but that isn't that hard). he doesn't need to bring much clothing for exercise... just two shorts and two T-shirts (wash 1 use the other then switch every week). The rule of thumb is, "if you can do without it, don't bring it." he will also get Scriptures in Spanish in the MTC along with a big PMG in spanish. I would suggest that he buys a small English one to bring with him. I think that is about it. the good thing is that because he is in the States still it will be a lot easier to send him stuff.

As for BYU. my plan was to get in for spring, if posable. and work until it starts in April. 

I would love to come visit Puebla at least a few days. I may want to be here a whole week (one day per area... almost). I was also thinking that we could hit Cancun or some other big tourist spot while we are in the country (it may be a pain to get Visas so we might want to make the most of the trip).

oh and you will never guess... Some of the members of my last area know the Montiels. They grew up in Mexico City together with Sister Montiel. We found out when you accepted their Facebook requests and then we ran into each other this week at a stake activity (I am still in the same stake). small world. just tell sister Montiel that the Sanchez-Tapia family says hi. 

Elder Jason Blanding (I am going to have to put Jason from now on aren't I)