August 18, 2014 One month of Baptisms!!

This month has been full of baptisms!! The sisters in Camino Real 2 had another two baptisms!! This weekend J* should be getting baptized!! The sisters of Zavaleta 1 have a date for the 30th (it might change but right now they are doing everything so that it doesn't)!! It is awesome to be able to see so many of God's children making covenants with him.

This week hasn't been so good. We are finding the common problem of no one being home... ever. We can always find people in the street but that isn't the same as teaching someone in their house. We also had an interesting experience this week. we where walking down the street and an old drunk guy started calling for us to come over (he was in the middle of the street). when we shook his hand he had a grip like a vice (really, it hurt our hands). he basically made us help him home (he wouldn't let go of our hands). this would have been fine if he lived a few blocks away, like we thought he did. He didn't. He lived in the far corner of the OTHER WARD in the district. to not take up half a page with details; 45-60min later we finally got him to his house, missed our appointment and almost got to the church late for the baptismal interviews of Camino Real 2 (which were cancelled anyways and changed for the next day). Over all that was our day. helping this crazy old fart home and almost getting lost in the process. 

It was an interesting week. but over all everything ended pretty good.

Elder Jason Blanding (I now have no option I have to put Jason because Mike is also Elder Blanding now).

President Christensen.

So this week went OK. A lot of lessons fell through. I really don't like when we spend all day trying to find people in their houses. It is the hardest part about being a missionary... no one is ever home. I feel like sometimes we only manage to contact people who are literally never at home. We have had a little success here... we are going to have a baptism this weekend. he has had a lot of problems in the past and we think that it would be better if you or Hno Perez did the interview because we think that he might have been involved in an abortion in the past. He was going to be baptized a few months ago but when they had the interview he wasn't given the green light (we don't know why the information in the area book isn't very specific). We are really exited for him!! 

The district is still progressing well. The sisters from Camino Real 2 had two more baptisms this week!! The district might just baptize every weekend this month (other than the first week but there are 5 weekends this month). It has been amazing to be able to work in this district. Now I want to focus on helping the rest of the district find more investigators. particularly Camino Real 2 because they really don't have very many of them anymore (they just got baptized). It can be a little hard sometimes to really see what the cause of some of the numbers are and therefore decide what I need to focus on. I'm still have a lot to learn but I'm sure I will have it down by the time I'm done being district leader. Probably right as I finish but that is almost always how it works, as soon as I really figure out how to do something I am given another assignment. 

Elder Blanding.

*35: If one store is closed you can just walk another few feet and there will be another just around the corner (sometimes you don't even need to go that far).