April 14, 2014

so today we went to cholula again. It wasn't really that interesting. once you have seen it once you have seen it all.

This week we had some cool success. I contacted a family on Thursday and put an appointment for Sunday at 10 (the services start at 12) and by some miracle they were there. we taught them for a little bit and then invited them to church. the husband said he would come (the wife had other commitments). He showed up just after the opening hymn. It was awesome having investigators in church. 

The sad part was that E* didn't come this week. it probably had something to do with the fair that is going on in Sn Lorenzo. We also weren't able to have a lesson with her this week. 

We have been working really hard these last few weeks. I have probably had more lessons and contacts these last few weeks than most of my mission put together. we just need to convert all this work we are doing into people that are progressing towards baptism. the majority of what we are doing has been with a few investigators or new people that are never there for the appointments. really they just need to learn how to say "No" here. it is really easy just two letters ("no" in Spanish is "no") and we won't get offended if you just say no. it is ruder to say yes when you want to say no than it is to just say no in the first place.

We also learned that you can find a house for two missionaries in less than a week here. we got told Sunday night that we are going to receive two more missionaries in our ward so we have been looking for a house and dividing the area. I was not looking forward to looking for a house because all the other elders have said that it is a pain finding a good house. we started looking on Tuesday and that same day we called someone who was advertising a house for rent, on Thursday we went and looked at it decided we liked it, the zone leaders looked at it on Saturday and this week we will be getting the money to pay the deposit and the first month's rent. we literally found a house in less than a week and still managed to work. it was interesting.


Elder Blanding.