March 17, 2014--Changes are coming...

So tomorrow my self and my companion have changes!! we have to close the area and get it ready for Sister Missionaries!! This means that we spent the last half of the week (we found out Thursday night) getting the area book ready, deep cleaning the house, packing and arranging things with the food (sisters and elders can't eat together) and so that they don't miss any of the appointments we have. it has been a pain. I would like to thank you Mom for teaching me how to clean a house. I can't wait to find out where I and where Elder Rosales are going to go tomorrow. It is always so hard not knowing where we are going to be sent and not knowing with whom. It really is one of the most nerve racking moments in the mission, changes. 

Not much more has happened this week. we have just been working on getting things ready to close the area. it has been a lot of tiring work. packing all your things and cleaning a house all in a day is a pain. It is almost as hard getting the area book ready. really though we haven't even worked very much this week because we have been in the house almost all week. it is a pain.

We have had a small miracle here in San Pablo. so we have these investigators who want to get baptized but can't because they aren't married yet and are still missing a few papers to be able to get so. On Wednesday we were at the food and somehow the topic turned to this and the sister who was giving us food mentioned that her brother (the ward mission leader in a nearby ward) has helped the missionaries with this problem before. she told us that if we could get his full name, date of birth and where he is registered he could look on line and maybe help us with the problem. that same day we had planned to visit this investigator. we went by, told them about what the sister had told us. they gave us the info and we sent a text to the sister with the info. the next day we got a text from her saying that she had looked into it and they should be able to get help in the local presidency of San Pablo. we had put an appointment with our investigators for that day (Thursday). we went by and although we couldn't teach them (the brother had to go work without warning) we mentioned this to them. we are now just waiting to see the results of this but I hope it will mean that they might get baptized soon.

We also got lost on our way to one of the other stake centers in the mission for a special fire side the mission president. we didn't know how to get there so we asked one of the members how we can get there. he didn't know how by bus so he told us to take a couple of busses to get us closer and then a taxi to take us the rest of the way. we followed this instructions and it would have worked except for the fact that we lucked into the worst taxi driver in Puebla. we got in his taxi at 6:40 and the fireside started at 7. at 7:50 we we had still not found the stake center. we decided to just have him take us home so we would at least be able to finish getting ready to close the area (this was friday night so we had spent the whole day getting ready to close the area). we started home but as I mentioned before, he was the worst taxi driver in Puebla. when we told him San Pablo del Monte he was like OK. we got to a place that I didn't recognize and he said "we are here in Sn Pablo" I told him  "this isn't Sn Pablo del Monte". we then lucked into a place where I knew where we were and how to get to Sn Pablo so I started to just direct the taxi driver so we wouldn't get lost again. by the time we got to the house it was 8:45 and we had just waisted almost 3 hours (the first 40min of bus ride included) and done absolutely nothing. we didn't even get where we were trying to get to. I just say we are lucky to have gotten home.

Elder Blanding