February 17, 2014

So this week has been very interesting. I would say it has gotten close to being the craziest week in my mission. [mother edited this story]  Later that day we were walking down that same street. We were walking more or less in the middle street (very very normal here) when we saw the headlights of a truck heading towards us. We moved over to the side of the street so the truck could pass. The truck then went by and I, being closer to the street, felt something wet hit my face.... the passenger in the truck spit on me.... it was definitely a weird day. But wait I mentioned that it was a weird TWO days and that all happened on Monday. The next day we were walking down a street contacting people on the way to an appointment. As we were walking we saw a man turn the corner and start walking down the street towered us. I told my companion that we are going to contact him. As we got closer he extended his hand to shake ours, this is a little weird because we usually have to start the conversation with the people. We started talking to him and he told us a lot of interesting things. I won't mention them all for time issues. But to be brief, he told us that he had just gotten out of jail (I think that day), didn't have any money to return to his pueblo and wanted to commit suicide. We spent the next 10 minutes trying to convince him that he shouldn't commit suicide and that he should try to find work to return to his home. It was a weird conversation.... Well this was the weirdest start of the week I have had on my mission.

So remember that package you thought would take about 6 weeks to get here, the one with the Super Bowl stuff in it... well I already have it. Yup I got it today. It was weird, we went to play football (amarican football not soccer) at a field near the offices (they are at the stake center here in La Paz) and the assistants went with us so they opened up the offices so we could change. While we were about to leave they went in the offices and took out the mail so I got the package a day early (there is a special training meeting tomorrow in the stake center so I would have gotten it tomorrow anyways). I took a picture and attached it to the E-mail. 


Elder Blanding