September 30, 2013

Well this is just going to be a short letter responding to questions because I have about a million and one emails this week.

I have gotten all of the pacages you have mentioned to me so far don't worry.

I could probably get some sweatpants and a hoodie here but they are not cheap and the sizes here are different so I would be guessing on what I am getting because they don't have dressing rooms. I was thinking Sounders becuase I already have a BYU jacket, and yes the beenie is for the night.

I agree that Mike filling out mission papers is scary. He could be out when I am.

Nice going Seahawks!! Sounders too.

As for what Sister Montiel said it was basicly just saying hi and hope I didn't get hit by all the flooding going on her in Mexico right now (I didn't, the whole mission hasn't had a problem).

I hope y'all enjoyed the open house. Say hi for me.

I'll see what I can do with the picture.

 [oh goody we got a second email later in the day from him!] 

So here we are 3 transfers into my stay here in Alamos. So we got transfer news on Saturday and... I am still here!!! By the end of this next transfer I will lack 2-4 days on 6 months here. It is weird to think that I will be in one area for 1/4th of my mission. 

We are still not having very much success with our investigators. They always say they will come to church but then when Sunday rolls around they never show up. It is really discouraging when that happens. Either way we will keep working and try new things to get them to come. The only problem that remains is that we can't really think of anything more or new we can do to get them to come. The nice thing is that this week they have 4 chances to come to a church meeting and 5 for the men. I just hope that someone will show up. 

Speaking of conference we are super exited for it. This one promises to be a great one. Who knows maybe they will change something about missionary work again this year. I have hope that we will be able to watch it in English so that I can hear it all in my native language. I think we will be because our stake president is awesome and also the mission president has asked that they make it available to us in English so that we can receive all the new revelation in our native language. 

Elder Blanding