August 19, 2013

So on Saturday we recived the news that Elder Swenson is leaving and I am going to get a new companion here in Alamos... it was a sad day. Tomorrow we have to go to changes and I will be comeing back with a new companion. 

Well that is the big news of the week. There isn't much else to write about for today. Other than Elder Swenson completed a year this week. Man he is old. Here is a picture of how we celebrated it. 

Elder Blanding taking a swing.

Elder Blanding taking a swing.

This is a picture of the family who wrote the letter. We went by so that Elder Swenson could say bye and we took some pictures. This is the best one.

Elder Blanding with the Rocha Family   

Elder Blanding with the Rocha Family


So i have been writing things down to write to you all and I forgot to put them in my first letter so here we go. 

First we need to do another road trip when I get back, something like the Lewis and Clark one we did a while ago. Also we need to take a trip to 6 flags when I get back because the last time we went I was too young to ride the cool rides.

Second you need to ask the Montiels to make you Mole Poblano (tell them to make it sweet not spicy, it can be made both ways) and Chiles en Nogada. They are delicious. 

Third could you send me some Starbursts in the NEXT package you send, they don't have them here. Don't send me one earlier than you would have anyways but just put some in.

Fourth, could you talk to Scott about getting me a new retainer because the one I had broke and my teeth on the top are starting to spread again. I only need the top one. if it isn't possible don't worry about it.


Elder Blanding