June 10, 2013

Don't feel loved :( (no letter from home)

Well even though you didn't send me anything I will be nice and send you a letter anyways.

First off I know when my release date is... wait for it............. The 18th of February 2015!!! And yes that is a few weeks earlier than exactly 2 years. (I think they are sending me home exactly on the transfer date instead of in the middle of one.)

Well things are going great here we have been having a lot of success with the less actives in our area and have had more than 10 less actives (individuals) at church the last 2 weeks. The only problem we are having right now is getting our investigators to church. Then again that is always the hardest thing. At least they have a legitimate excuse in that the dad/grandfather of the investigators is really sick right now and they keep having to go to help take care of him but it is still frustrating that they haven't come to church yet. One nice thing is that we put on a ward activity on Saturday and they came to that and had a great time. 

Well I do have some comments/questions for you... first I only have cards 1-6,8,11 & 12 so if you sent any others I haven't got them. Second I have been wondering why you sent me the monkey and if it was for any reason other than you could.

The attachment is how nice Puebla can look on a clear day. (Time would be more precise because it is almost always clear at some time of the day and then rains like no other sometime in the afternoon/evening.)


2013 June 7, Jason's mission.JPG