November 25, 2013

Well Thanksgiving has officially come and gone. it is sad that they don't celebrate it here. really, if I hadn't had it marked on the calendar I wouldn't have even noticed that it was Thanksgiving. It really is a very sad thing they don't celebrate one of the greatest holidays in the world here.

As for things here they are doing pretty good. we have 5 people with a baptismal date. the only problem is that they aren't attending church. two are a couple who aren't married yet but are in the proses of getting married. they are super close to getting everything ready but they still are missing one document. The other dates we have are with two 18 year old girls (really good friends) and with a women that is about 45 and separated from her husband. I really hope that they all start coming to church next week.

it is very weird to be in an area where there aren't very many members. It is a constant battle with church attendance. the good news is that it is going up. yesterday we had 40 people in church which is up from 14 about 3 months ago. the goal right now is to get up to 100 so that we can start working towards getting a chapel here in San Pablo. After the attendance starts getting close we need to start worrying about the number of Priesthood and Tithing. it won't be easy but we can do it.

well the only thing I can think of adding is that I want to send a letter to the Hilltons but when I sent it it got sent back so if you could send me their mailing address that would be great. oh and also this transfer is going to be 5 weeks instead of 6 so the changes will be on the 17th of December instead of the 24th (yes the reason is Christmas).

Elder Blanding.