My mother insisted that her children learn to play the piano and I'm so glad. It has given me a lifetime of music. Yes, I know I could turn on the radio, but there is something special about playing your own music, even if you didn't write it. 

I have done the same for my children. Each of my children has had the opportunity to learn to play the piano (and another instrument). It brings me much happiness to hear my kids sit down and just play. 

My daughter even wrote her own piece of music. How cool is that?

Even if I couldn't play music, I'm thankful for music. Just yesterday I was in a melancholy mood and I was listening to my "Sunday" play list and "How Great Thou Art" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir started to play and I couldn't help but shake my mood. I had to smile because I had just spent 45 minutes running in His great masterpiece (a Northwest Fall morning) and couldn't help but feel that Heavenly Father did it just for me. 

This summer Steve took me to see my favorite band: Journey. WOW! What a show. One song they didn't sing but has been my motivational song these past few months is "Anything is Possible". Of course this is poetry but when put to music it just makes my heart and mind remember that I can do it. And the melody keeps running through my mind while doing "the hard thing"

Here is the lines that really pushed me forward to pursue a different path I don't think I would have even thought possible.

Find a true desire, don't be afraid to cry.
Better to reach for something, than to never have tried

and another one:

It's not who you are, it's where you wanna go.
You don't need a miracle, believe that anything is possible.

It's time to see how yo imagine your life.
You want to dream, anything is possible.

it's not who you are, it's where you wanna go.
You don't need a miracle, anything is possible.

I have to believe anything is possible. 

Have a listen: 

Can you imagine how great I can run when this song comes on while running.