I never thought I would be thankful for running, but I am. 

I remember being a Freshman in High School and telling Coach Q that I wouldn't run anything more than once around the track (that's 400 meters) and that I was only on the track team because I wanted to use the weight room and throw the javelin. He was so kind and obliged me. 

Fast forward 24 years and a cancer diagnosis and finding Team in Training.  In the five years from my first visit to their site I've run four marathons (Nike 2010, Vancouver 2011, Seattle 2011, Seattle 2012) dozen or so half marathons (first was Vancouver 2010), countless 5K's and 10K's and three Northwest Passage Ragnars. 

Yes, you could say that I've become a runner. 

I'm very grateful for all the blessings running has brought into my life. When I first started, it was something that I could do to fight cancer. It has now given me health, strength, friends and countless stories to tell. It has also given me a new career (more on that on another post).

I truly am grateful for running!