Dang! I miss my mom! She was such a great example. she loved me even when I was a nasty teen. 

She set a great example. Playing the organ at church at age 13!

Getting an education and making learning important. 

Raising a GREAT family!

Giving your all at whatever job you are asked to do.

Take your family on adventures; camping at Lost Lake. 

Loving your sister

Mend bridges when you need to because family is EVERYTHING!

It's never too late to do something you love. Here she is at Sweet Adalines. 

Never be to old to play with your children.

Have good friends.

Laugh with your kids. 

Enjoy your family!

Have lots of kids (they give you lots of grandkids)

And love those grandkids!

And when you leave this earth, make sure your hands are worn out in the service of others.