Five years.... It is what it is.

Isn't this a beautiful lady? I love the curls. I just wish they were natural and would have been passed down.  See she is my mom. 

1951 Nellie 17 years old.jpg

My mom passed away five years ago today. I've missed her every day.  I will go back and read emails from her. Pick up a book of hers just to read her notes in the margins (she would even write in dime-store novels). I love her beautiful hand writing. She was a school teacher and so it was perfect hand writing. 

She taught me some wonderful lessons and I think the number one lesson she taught me is to live your life. "It is what it is."  

My mom with her Sunday bonnet and purse ready to go to town.

My mom with her Sunday bonnet and purse ready to go to town.

Her voice still echoes through my mind. 
"Sharp!" she would yell when I was practicing the piano.
"An Ostler doesn't do that," when I would misbehave.
"You were raised better than that," was the other phrase she would use.
"You are beautiful," when I would stand for hours deciding on what to wear.
"Remember who you are," as I would run out the door.
"It is what it is," when life wasn't going right and then she would add, "What are you going to do about it?"

We had her lectures numbered and I'd give anything to hear #4 just one more time.  That was her shortest one and always ended in a hug.  

I miss my mom.