Happy Mother's Day to Me!

2013 Jan, Family Photo, Jason, Matt, Chris, Kray, Jessie & Mike (20).jpg

Happy Mother's Day! It is so wonderful having a daughter who will one day be a mother herself (I hope). She made me breakfast (eggs on toast), picked a lovely flower for decoration, and a lovely handmade card (and she makes them beautiful!) and then for dessert (yes, there is dessert for breakfast!) she made me strawberry shortcake! YUMMY!!!
Thank you to Kray and Alysia for taking her to the store yesterday--you made her day. She desperately wanted to show me how much I mean to her. That was a GREAT treat, so thank you.
To Matt and Chris, thanks for remembering it was Mother's Day--and the kisses you give me (I still love kisses from my boys).
To Mike for getting up this morning without me begging you!
And so I don't for get my other son, Elder Jason Blanding, I love you too and can't wait for our phone call/skype this afternoon. 
I am thankful for six WONDERFUL kids who made me a mom. It is the hardest, messy job there is (Mike Row couldn't even do it on Dirty Jobs), but it is the most rewarding too.  I celebrate my children this day--the reason I celebrate Mother's Day.

Mother's Day wasn't always roses and sunshine. When I first got married and Steve and I wanted to have children, we couldn't. I had some medical problems, but through modern medicine and science we were able to have six wonderful, beautiful, spunky, energetic, trying, and lovely children. They are the pearls around my neck, the diamonds on my finger and the stars that light up my life. 

Thank you Kray, Jason, Mike, Matt, Chris and Jess for making me a mom.