He Hears and Answers

We all wonder if God really hears our prayers or if we are just talking in the wind. I know He answers them. We had a small personal miracle occur the other day.

My son is doing an Eagle Project at a local soccer field and he scheduled work to happen in the evening during the week.  He wanted a 5:30 start and work for a few hours each night with it ending with a big push on Saturday. This was planned for the Fourth of July week. Summer in Seattle starts July 5th. It rains and is ugly all they way until the fireworks are over, or so the tale goes in Seattle. This year was no different.

Monday, July 2nd's weather was decent. Not hot, just cloudy and pleasant.
Tuesday, July 3rd's weather was horrible. Torrential downpour. It started about 3pm and wasn't letting up.  The sky was black with no break in the clouds. While I was in my bedroom that afternoon I noticed the rain was so hard it was pouring over the gutters. There was no way we were going to get any work done in this rain. I even called my husband in tears.

Chris had contingency plans: work anyway! So we loaded the car, got down there to mud, mud and more mud and pouring rain. We set up a little rain fly and had to continually dump the little part that would fill with water.  By the time we had everything ready we were soaked. All this time I kept telling the kids to pray. It wasn't working as the rain continued to fall and fall hard.

So I gathered the children under our little fly and prayed a simple but heartfelt prayer.  I was very pointed in our requests.
1. We wanted the rain to stop when the first worker arrived.
2. We only asked that it stop for our little section of Redmond.
3. The rain could come back as soon as we were done.
4. We thanks him for the opportunity our family had to repay LWYSA with this Eagle Project.

He hears!

At 5:30 when Mark showed up, our first worker, the rain stopped.
One little patch of blue sky was over 60 acres south. The rest of the sky was gray as gray can be.
Not ONE rain dropped fell on us while we worked.
When we left at 7:30 I had to turn on my wipers in the van.

I hope my children remember this episode in our family's life for the rest of theirs. He hears and answers our prayers.

2012 July 3, Eagle Project, Chris, EDIT with words (35).JPG