Thankful for...Technology

I have a love hate relationship with technology. Mostly I love it and like all things that we love we never say anything until it is missing, doesn't work right or broken.  That's how I feel about technology. 

First I must apologize for dumping and lumping all my techno problems on my husband's lap.  Every time my computer doesn't work the way I think it should I tell my husband it is his fault. I do that mostly because he is in the industry and therefore (according to my thinking) he should change it! DANG IT!

Of course that is totally not true, but in the heat of the moment and while I'm throwing my temper tantrum it makes me feel just a tiny bit better. 

But for the most part I love my technology stuff.  I have a dishwasher that can wait until 1 AM to turn on so the those stinky boys who are coming home late from practice can take a warm shower. I can delay my washing machine to do the same thing. I have a DVR that will allow me to tape a show and watch it when I want to (can you say marathon general conference watching!!) and then save it until I want to delete it. I can also skip those nasty, loud, obnoxious commercials! And the countless channels! I grew up with three and only if Mars was in _____ and the tin foil was wrapped around the rabbit ears just so (go look it up).  

I know exactly how far I ran and what my pace was and get this---how much elevation I gained or lost! WOW!!! 

And my camera and then editing (I still have a lot to learn). 

Coaching with Coach's Clock! LOVE IT!!  

But most off all the communication factor is HUGE. I have facebook and twitter (although I don't know how to use twitter) and email! I can keep in touch with so many friends and family. I have support groups online that have saved me from awful mistakes and supported me.  I don't think I could have homeschooled for 20 plus years without an online support group and there is NO WAY I could have made it through chemo without all the support I had through email, facebook, text messages etc.  I would have gone crazy! 

And keeping in touch with my family has been the most important. Just last night I was able to communicate with a child while at a party. He wanted to do something and needed my permission and without interrupting my party I was able to communicate through text messages with him my desires and we were able to come to an agreement.  Both of us are now happy.  How awesome is that.  

And every Monday you will find me at my computer waiting for my son's email to come through. The only communication we have with him is through email every Monday. Yes, I spend all morning at home waiting for that email.  I hope to catch him online so we can exchange a few words of communications.  He makes my day, my week!  And if I have to be away from my computer, my phone is on, volume turned up and I wait for it to vibrate and ding!  MUSIC to my ears. 

So honey, as much as I blame you for all the problems I have with technology, I also thank you for being part of the industry that has made my life easier.   

Using Coach's Clock

Using Coach's Clock