A Heart Attack!

My husband and I are celebrating our 23rd Valentine's Day together.  Our

first Valentine's Day, back in college, was one where neither of us had

any money and very little time.  Now to be fair and before I get much

further into this story, I wasn't serious about Steve, but I think he was

getting serious with me! I had a late class that day and disaster

struck and I ended up at the Health Center. It was clear on the other

side of the campus from where I parked my scooter. I had to call my

roommate who happened to tell me that Steve was there and he would come

get me.  Long story short: He was there hanging construction paper

hearts over my bed. It was our first heart attack!

Boy I was YOUNG!

One of the heart that was above my bed: I knew he was serious!

One of the hearts that was above my bed: YES I KEPT 'EM

Ever since that Valentine's Day we have heart attacked each other.  The Valentine's Fairy comes during the night and heart attacks the bedroom doors and leaves a balloon and a piece of candy for the occupants, even if they don't have a door (don't ask!) or live on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific (he'll get his when our friends deliver it next week).

What my Valentine's Day Fairy did to my door.

We are so blessed to have someone carrying on the tradition.

The boys room without a door.

I said, "Don't ask; they're boys."

My daughter's door.