I Know Happiness

Today I experience a mother's best dream. The world could end tonight and it wouldn't matter. Life was prefect for one brief period. No my doctor didn't announce a cure for my cancer. No my kids weren't perfectly obedient. It was better than that, I know what heaven feels like.
Today as sacrament meeting started, Jason was the loan Priest at the sacrament table. I nudged Steve and he and Kray went and sat by Jason. There were my three young men (yes, Steve is still young). Zach D was a little late coming to the meeting, but Steve waved him off.
Then Matt and Chris passed the sacrament.  So with Mike preparing it, all my Priesthood holders were involved in the sacrament.
As I sat there looking up at my three big guys and my two younger ones passing and Mike next to me, I couldn't have been happier.  I'm sure that they could have turned the lights out and no one would have notice; I was beaming that much. I heard my mom whisper to me that this is what heaven feels like.
I now know what happiness feels like.