I'm Feeling Blessed

On November 23, 2002, around 5:30 in the morning I was involved in an auto accident. I survived.

Last week a 16 year old boy from our stake (my boys know of him and probably met him a few times) died in a similar accident.
He was hit broadside on the passenger side; I was hit on the drivers side.
I'm sure the speeds were somewhat similar since the roads are similar.
He was taken to the hospital where he later died; I was taken to the hospital where I walked out of the hospital and went home.

I can't answer that and I don't dare. From what I know about this young man, he was a good boy, living the way he should. He was righteous, doing what he should be doing. I know I was trying to be good and do what is right. So I can't answer the why question. All I can do is give thanks and say, "I will do better," and cry and grieve for a family who lost a dear brother and son. I can pray that it doesn't happen to my family.

I'm so sorry and sad to read about Josh Ward's death. It breaks my heart to think of a mother out there with a shattered heart, dealing with agony and loss. I can't even begin to imagine the pain of a mother who is told her son is gone and I never want to know that pain. I'm just glad that she has the gospel and knows that her son still lives. I'm so sorry for the Ward family.

I just know that I was given a second chance. I was blessed that morning to be able to walk home. I'm feeling blessed today and continue to pray for safety and peace for my family.