All Dressed Up....

...and no place to go! Happy Valentine's Day, Dear!


Twenty years ago I had a horrible Valentine's Day. The books I needed to finish a report were not at the BYU library. Classes sucked! The weather was cold--freezing cold! My best friend wasn't feeling well, again. Then in my last class, volleyball, the trophy case's glass door shattered on my head. OUCH!

Of course they sent me to the health center in my gym clothes leaving behind all my stuff. Not only was I freezing, but my transportation was at the Smith building and I was clear across campus at the Health Center! I called my apartment and asked one of my roommates to take pity on me. For some reason Steve was at my apartment and volunteered to come get me. I DID NOT WANT TO SEE A BOY RIGHT THEN! And when I'm in a mood, I'm in a mood!

When I finally arrived at my apartment this is what greeted me:


A HEART ATTACK! Steve asked me for a date the following night. He put a lot of thought into the date. It was so nice.

Now, 20 years later, I get my heart attack (notice the necklace in the photo) but no thoughtful date. Three days ago I remind my sweetheart that Valentine's Day is fast approaching and ask him if he will help me get things for the kids door (we heart attack them) and in the same email I ask remind him that reservations might be in order. I hear nothing back--NOTHING! In fact I asked him Friday morning about the email and he can't remember it. (I know exactly where I rank.) He does agree to get the balloons for me on his way home from work because I'm busy with a teen group at the house. I guess I should be thankful he at least gets the balloons for me. I didn't ask him for to get the candy in hopes my kids would forget they usually get a 2 pound bag of M&Ms or Skittles along with a deck of cards . I'll pick some up next week.

I remind him this morning and again this afternoon when he goes up for his nap (he did sleep in--sort of). So at 5:30 I decide I should put on some make-up and do my hair since it is Valentine's Day and he wants to take me to my favorite restaurant: Sages! (If you are ever in Redmond and need some awesome food--SAGES!) I'm all dressed up and so is he and THEN he decides to call.

Of course it is full! Doesn't matter the economy--it is VALENTINE'S DAY NIGHT and it is a SATURDAY!


So instead I'm dressed up with nowhere to go!

Not totally true, he got reservations for 8PM at Desert Fire. I don't mind Desert Fire, but it is not my favorite restaurant, it is OK. Steve likes it so I guess that is OK. Now, I just have to wait for an hour or two with a tummy that is growling--didn't you just hear it?

I still love him, but I think I will have to be in charge of our love life from now on. Let's see...yes, I'm the one who booked the weekend in Vancouver, at Salish Lodge, on Whidbey Island, and he has....Well, guess there is always room for improvement. Rant over!