It finally happened

I finally had a dream about my mom.


This was the mom I had a dream about. I was this girl for a good part of the dream but then I turned into this age self. Patetic how I could age 20 plus years, but not my mom.


I'm not sure how the dream began, but all of a sudden I was sitting on my living room carpet, the one we had when I was a little girl reading scriptures with my mom. We were knee to knee, elbow to elbow on the floor reading the scriptures. She would stop and give a little lesson every so often, but we just knelt there reading.

It then hit me I was dreaming about my mom, I got to be the real me--the old me--and I tried to ask her questions about heaven and what it was like and she kept Shhing me and told me to read my five verses.

I then woke up. DARN! But at least she finally was in my dream--at least that I could remember.

I miss her something awful! Have lots to tell her and ask her. But mostly I just want to say, "I love you" and give her a squeeze.