Still Snowing on Christmas Day

We dreamt it and we got it!

Today is Christmas Day! YEAH for Santa!

We had a lovely Christmas Eve program. The younger children acted out the Nativity while the older kids sat and snickered. Jessie was Mary, of course, Matt was a wiseman/ninga, Chris as the Shepherd and Mike was Joseph.

Steve read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" our favorite Christmas story.

We then went into the living room where those who wanted played Christmas songs. I wish I could remember them all, but they all had at least two songs to play for us. Kray has a totally awesome version of Carol of the Bells that he has worked out on his guitar but refused to play it. (Got to love teenagers-NOT!) In fact Jason has added a drum beat to it in the back and Mike has added a bass line as well. It is pretty awesome. Maybe one time I will get a video of it--oh, wait, can't our video recorder broke in 2005 and still hasn't been replaced.

We then watched a movie and sent the kids to bed.


With younger children it was up and at 'em bright and early--too early. My alarm went off at 6AM---DON'T YOU KNOW IT IS A HOLIDAY KIDS! Of course we don't have to wake anyone up on Christmas morning, but come a seminary morning....

Santa found his way here. He must have had blind eyes this year because our kids sure weren't good enough to receive what they received. Santa left behind lots of goodies in their stocking and a Wii for the family. The other big present was Steve got a new computer and is in the process of setting up his old one for the kids. It has been a huge battle all year with one computer for six kids. Especially when their is a virus on the kids' computer and it has to be taken down for days at a time. Hopefully this will stop all that mess! Of course this meant that I had to find a place for it in our already crowded school room. I need another six feet in this room! We can't put it in a non puplic room so that meant I had to give up a craft desk in my sewing room. I can just see it now--my sewing room trashed or even worse something in it gets broken. But in the mean time, I had to clear the desk, move it from the corner and basically rearrange the whole room. Hopefully this will be worth it becuase it sure is a pain! Like I said, I'm not sure our kids have been good enough for this--Santa sure wasn't paying close enough attention to their behavior.

My tree:


Playing with some photo editing software (no, I didn't get that for Christmas, just playing around).