I grew up with five brothers, one dad and a neighborhood full of boys. Of course I had a mom and a sister as well, but this post isn’t about them—it is about MALES!!!!
I then turned around and married a man (imagine that) and then had five boys before I had my one little princess. God has a sense of humor: he had too.

This past year or so my one and only sister passed away from brain cancer. Then this summer the last of a long list of good girl friends moved away: all the way to the EAST COAST!! Then my mother died. I’m left with just one female friend: my eight year old daughter.
You wouldn’t think this would be a problem with my history of being around males, but it is turning into a big problem. The past couple of weeks have been very tough and I’ve had no one to talk to.

Just last night I had to clue in my husband as to how he has been distant and silent to me. I’ve sent him important emails asking for his opinion and I’ve received no reply. Yes, he has been very, very busy, but to ignore me, his wife, has been very hard on me—especially since I want to talk.

Today my son called me—HE CALLED ME—and after I answered his question “I’m leaving the store now, so in about 10 minutes” I then asked him how his day went (it was his 3rd day of classes at college) and I got the cold shoulder.

I know I won’t find girl friends from this blog because only three people read this blog--me, myself and I--but I need to vent because I need to talk and I have NO ONE to talk to! I’m surrounded by MALES!!!! Even my dog is a male!

I think I need some major chocolate now.