If I had won....

Recently, Ok, it was like years ago, a family in Oregon won the super ball lottery and some 25 gazillion dollars. Our family has hit upon hard time just like about everyone in the country, and it got me to thinking, what if I was a gambling women and won the super lotto or some rich uncle that I didn't know I had (because I know all my uncles and not a one is rich, died and left me a gazillion dollars. What would I do with it?

Well here is a small list if I won 10 million dollars.

Give Uncle Sam his half--that means I only get 5 million--oh darn!
That leave 5,000,000

Pay off our house--I have no clue how much that is so I'll say 300,000
I really don't want to move. Not that I LOVE this house, but building one right now just isn't right. I save that for the cabin in the woods or the one by the beach when I find the right location. That is what the investment fund will be for.
That leaves 4,700,000

Put half of that or 2,350,000,in an investment account (what do you call those things) and let it sit
That leave 2,350,000

Put 40,000 in a college fund for each kid, so 40,000 x 6 = 240,000
That leaves 2,110,000

Put 100,000 in a vacation fun account to use once or twice a year
That leave 2,020,000

Do a little remodeling and landscaping around the house--let's say about $200,000
I need new carpet, drapes, windows & door, water softener (I hate our water), the back yard needs some major help, sport court resurfaced, new master bedroom suite, four bathrooms need updating, floors refinished, interior decorator and of course PAINT!
That leaves 1,820,000

Donate to the Perpetual Education fund in the name of my mother--oh, a nice round figure 500,000
That leave 1,320,000

Help out my family members who need it and I won't forget my husband side as well. Let's just say 500,000
That leaves 820,000

Boy do you go through money quickly when you are spending something you don't have.

I think a nice family car would be nice so 50,000
That leave 770,000

And I think I would take the rest and just let it sit in an account to grow.

One think I would let happen, I would let my husband find the job he really wants. I don't think I could have him living at home--he is too young for that--so I would let him--no MAKE him--find the job that he has always wanted.

Ok, I will share some of my secret indulgences I would have with the "let it grow" money.
Pedicures once a month
Message once a month (more if needed)
Dinner out at least once a week
Maid service
Season tickets to the Sounders FC
Photography classes
Cooking classes--real cooking

And that vacation fund:
Big White every winter
Take hubby to Europe and tour the castles
Take family to Hawaii for two weeks!
Disneyland once a year
Disneyworld at least once
Spring or fall road trip

But since I don't gamble...