A Need for a Miracle

These words are some of the hardest for me to write. My wonderful sister who has fought a brain tumor for the past few years isn't doing to well. Her daughter just posted a desperate email on our family website asking for our prayers as her mother, my sister, is declining and in her words, "quickly." She has asked us to come and visit her.

Oh, how fragile life is.

I am praying for a miracle. It is so very hard to say, "thy will be done," in a situation like this. You spend the time on your knees begging for a miracle, a miracle that a mother of nine, wife to one, grandmother to one, sister to six and friend to many may live to see her nine year old baby married in the temple. You beg for her life and you also beg for her suffering to end. You plead for the family to have peace and comfort. You bargain, you sob and you feel helpless.

How does one face the next person who asks, "How are you?" How do you tell them your family's need and desire for your sister to be well and a family to be at peace? What do you say? What do you do?

How do I get to see her? Calling her leaves only silence on the other end. Email goes unanswered and life seems to speed ahead while standing still.

My sister is 13 years older than I am. I didn't grow up with her. In fact my first real memory of her was when she was preparing for her mission. She came home and took over my bedroom. I was just thankful that after her mission she got married really fast and left my room. Ok, so she and her husband came back and took it over and this time kicked me out. But I am glad that I got to spend those few months with her because I really never knew my sister. I found out she was a pretty neat lady. I found out she was very smart. I found out she loved the gospel. I found out that I loved her.

All the best, Nadine. I'm praying for a miracle, even if I have to say, "thy will be done," at the end of my prayers.