Cub Camp Reflections

I love cub camp! There is so much to learn from a group of 10 little guys that are so excited to be alive and learn something new and exciting. I am spending the week, yes every day, with ten 8-11 year olds painting, hammering, gluing, playing, shooting arrows and having fun and I'm loving it.

I come home very tired each night and rightly so I have spent some 7 hours walking, standing, rounding up and having fun. I come dirty every night because we have painted, glued, sweated and spilled each day. I come thankful that I am only bringing home the boys that belong at my house.

This I only have one boy at cub camp and I am thankful that this is his first year at cub camp because that sparkle is contagious. There is something wonderful about having a barely 4 foot child wraps his arms around you and says, "This is the best yet!" and he has barely begun to do the first station of the day. It is better yet to have him jump out of the car and run into the house eager to tell his brothers all about the wonderful things he did today.

Today I was with a group who one of their adult leaders was a recent high school graduate so ready to get to college you could see her counting the minutes until she leaves. During the day it came out that one of the mothers paid her to come in her stead. My first thought was, "Why didn't I think of that." But after some reflection my thought change to, "But who would want to miss all this." For many years I sent my husband in my stead since I was home with babies either nursing or pregnant and sometimes even both and I missed out on all this fun! Now I get the next four years (Chris isn't yet a scout) to have a blast!

So do I mind having to spend the next three days at Cub Scout Day Camp? I wouldn't miss it for the world--especially those little arms that wrap themselves around my mid section and say, "Thank you mom, this is just awesome."