Pop right out there, don't ya

There is a line in the movie A Bug's Life where the Queen Ant says, "Pop right out there, don't ya," to the pill bugs as they "pop" open.

As I drive around here on a clear day I too say, "Pop right out there, don't ya," only I say it to one of the most magnificent view in the world; Mt. Rainer on a clear day. Second and third to that view is the view of the Cascade Mountains to the east and the Olympic Mountains to the west.

Mount Rainier is truly the most beautiful sights Heavenly Father has put on this earth. What is even more fascinating is that I have lived here for 16 years and to this day when "the mountain" is in view, it is a surprise.

When we first moved here I read a newspaper article from someone who had only been here a year when her parents came from back east for a visit. As she rounded a corner on the freeway there in front of her was Mt. Rainier. She remarked to her parents, "Oh, look there it is." Her parents remarked, "Don't you see it everyday?"

Well since we don't get to see it everyday, it is a treat when we do get to see it.