WALDSFE Conference 2006

Since 2000 I have put on or helped put on a yearly LDS Homeschool Conference. I almost didn't do this, but I signed on the dotted line yesterday. Every year I think of all the work, money, and energy that goes into it and think maybe I shouldn't do it again. Each year the numbers go down and I'm afraid that we won't break even. For a few years it wasn't a problem, but of late, it has become a problem.

I'm not sure why I'm going it again this year except I feel it is my duty as a veteran homeschooler to continue the tradition. I also feel that there are many out there who need help getting their feet under them. There are other who need a pick me up. The ones who I want so desperately to come are those who "have been there done that" but don't come because they think they know it all. I will disagree. I've been at this for 14 years and every conference I go to I learn something new or in a different way that can help me. But the most important thing I get from conferences is the knowledge that I'm not the only one and there is a sense of strength in our synergy.

So here I go again, putting together another homeschool conference. I just hope it is the best yet.