A Lesson Learned

Every Tuesday my husband goes to a game night. Since he has an online board game store I feel like this is his "job." (I tell myself that so I won't get so upset about him being gone an extra night a week. It sort of works. Please visit his store at http://housefullofgames.com/ and make me feel better about him "working" every Tuesday night.) He often invites our two oldest sons to come join him, when they have their school work done.

Tuesday are my very busy driving day. Starting at noon I spend the rest of the day driving kids to and from enrichment activities. My last pick up is at 6pm, and at that time I'm ready to go home and feed the hungry kids, not run into town and drop two kids off at game night. But this last Tuesday they begged me to take them. The boys promised to do their jobs and get their homework done the next day if I would take them. They promised to behave and be peacemakers. Well, I gave in and took them.

The next day they didn't do exactly as they promised. I should have seen it coming and not be so upset, but I was. I don't know if I said this outloud, but my mind was screaming, "You ungrateful little children. How dare you beg me and promise me and then fail to hold up your end of the bargin."

Then came Sunday, my turn to beg for something. I was fasting and praying for a miracle to happen in my life. I had a very important and scary surgery coming up and I wanted a miracle to happen. As my alarm went off that beautiful Sunday morning, I hit the snooze button and went back to my dream. In that state between sleep and awake I was thinking about what I was fasting and praying for and looking ahead to the week. As I was thinking the alarm went off again. I couldn't hit the snooze button again as I had a meeting I needed to get to. I climbed into the warm shower and my words came back to haunt me. "You ungrateful child. How dare you ask me for a miracle when you don't say thank you for the things I do for you." I was humbled.

I am deeply thankful for the things that I have been given both material, mentally and spiritually. I am not an ungrateful child, at least not now. I honestly don't care if my miracle happens--at least the one I was praying for, because my miracle did happen; I learned my lesson.