Dare I Dream?

OK, I'm not one who usually screams her head off at sporting events. Ok, I just told one of the biggest lies of my life. I do! I am passionate about sports, especially the games where my children are playing and participating. In fact I coach two soccer teams and LOVE it!

I love the 1995 Mariner season and the few since then that have brought such hope to this city and to life long fans like me. I grew up in Washington so it feels so good to finally be on the winning side of things. In fact my younger brother (a bigger sports nut than myself) called me just after the magical ending to the baseball playoffs in 1995 when Edgar Martinez doubled into left field and Ken Griffey Jr. raced home to be the New York Yankees. Could there be a more magical ending to such a great season!

Well, after 30 long years (I'm older than 30 so I've been through this my WHOLE life) the day we have long awaited is just about to happen. In fact I am almost afraid to write about it because of all the disappointment that the last 29 seasons have brought. But the SEAHAWKS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!

I can't believe I just wrote that sentence and the local papers have been carrying the words Seahawks and Super Bowl XL in the paper for the past two weeks. What a dream come true. I wonder if Mike is going to call me again on Sunday.

Dare I dream…..Seattle 35, Pittsburgh 10