Four the last four weeks I've been fighting no voice. My voice would be here one day and then gone the next. My kids have been fighting something on and off since Christmas. I prayed a lot that our trip to Big White would be sickness free and it was. I prayed that I wouldn't get anything before my surgery. I guess I should have asked for the "not at all" blessing, but I couldn't be so lucky.

This past Monday (four days after surgery) I woke up with no voice again and that evening a terrible cough started. It has progressingly gotten worse. I was going to call the doctor but I would wake in the morning and feeling pretty good for being sick. I would pass off on calling the doctor. As the day would progress the cough would get worse but I would be too busy to call and then night would fall.

Well this morning it was way too much and I called. The diagnoses was bronchitis.

I guess I have to stay home for a few days.

I hate being sick!