Does it have to end?

I was way too tired to write anything last night. Boy do I need to hit the gym a little bit more. If not to lose weight (but I'm not on a diet) to at least build up endurance and strength in some very out of shape legs.

Yesterday I spent the day on Hummingbird fine tuning my turning ability so that I can stay "in control." I guess that means that I should have some control to begin with right? I didn't do too bad.

Just before lunch I met up with my family and we took one run down Hummingbird and as we were getting off the lift, Jessie ran right into me and knocked me down. How embarrassing, but at least I have a good excuse to be on my backside. I'm claiming SHE ran into me, not the other way around.

We spent the afternoon skiing Hummingbird. I watched the children go over bumps (or jumps) and through the trees. I saw where "Winnie the Pooh" might live. I watched for the shy snow monkeys that were hiding in the trees on the way up the mountain and played a lot of "I spy with my little eye…." ("I spy something white….." "SNOW!" "You guess it mom!")

I took a break to pop dinner in the oven and then we hit the slopes or another hour while we were waiting for the chicken to cook! After dinner, Jessie and I went to the hot tub. Can life get any better?

Today, I pushed my luck and went in the level 3 class. They had too many in the class so the separated the class and somehow I got put in the more advanced level 3 class. I don't know what they were thinking! I have only been skiing for two days!

"Nooner," my instructor, took us up Ridge Rocket! I can't believe I went that far up the hill! It was so scary, but I remembered yesterday, "keep turning until you feel comfortable to change directions." I want to scream, "But what if there is a tree in my way and I don’t feel comfortable yet?"

I took a couple of deep breaths and off the top I went. Of course we were on green (beginner) runs, but these were a bit steeper and now longer than Hummingbird.

I only fell once and that was when my legs screamed "SIT DOWN" and I obeyed, even though my mind was yelling at them to quit being wimps.

At the bottom I said a quick prayer of thanksgiving because I made it all in one piece. Then "Nooner" took us to another chair and this one went even higher up. "What have I gotten myself into?" was the question I kept asking myself. I tried to think about that smile on Jessie's face and how my kids can do this hill. (Yes, they have all been skiing since they were 2 and I have had only 2 days of lessons, but I'm a grown up!)

I don't know how I made it down the hill, but "Nooner" was a great teacher and we made it all the way down and all in one piece. I still don't know how come a flash flood didn't happen since my thighs were on fire. I thought all the snow would have melted behind me.

I took a LONG lunch break and then hit Hummingbird with the kids. I took a ton of pictures with our little digital camera and they didn't turn out too great, but it was still fun to turn around and watch the kids come down the slope taking the bumps (or jumps as they called them). Some of the kids actually got air.

Unfortunately I had to turn my skis in at 4:30, so my fun had to end. I'm sure my legs were glad for it, but my face will just have to remember the fun at least until next time.

The whole family outside our condo on Hummingbird.