Communication is very important to us so right after we were married we started writing a monthly newsletter to our family in friends and updating them on what was going on in our lives, pathetic as they were.

After a year or two we looked back on these letters and realized we had a fantastic family journal started and so we have kept up the tradition to this day.  We have amassed some 24 years of monthly letters....what a journal!

As the price for printer ink, stamps, paper and envelopes has gone up over the past few years we have had to rethink our decision.  We also realized that those we sent the letters to probably didn't really care what was going on in our lives since no one commented to us on the news.  (Ok, grandmas are excluded from that comment.) So we decided to put them on the web for our family and friends to enjoy at their leisure and desire.

The Blanding Bugle has gone through its share of remodels.  It was once just a simple letter; then with Microsoft Publisher it became a newsletter.  Then we purchased a color printer and redid the format yet again.  Soon we added a scanner and photographs.  Now we have this online version. We kept as much of the former style as possible, but for the sake of continuity we have changed a few things so the original copy and what you see online may be a little different. But even with all that we are unfortunately missing the first year of our letters as we didn't think of saving a hard copy.  If you happen to have those early letters we would love to talk to you about getting a copy.

Doreen Blanding